Polska Sieć Handlowa Lewiatan has been operating on the Polish market for 30 years. The chain's unique business model allows one to combine the force of a nationwide chain with building strong ties and local relationships. By working under a brand that consumers recognise and value, the owners of Lewiatan stores maintain the independence of their own business.

Distinguishing features of Lewiatan


Product mix ideally suited to the needs of the local market and its consumers.

Wide selection of local products from trustworthy producers.

Opportunity on the part of franchisees to together create, decide and take responsibility for the development of the chain.

As part of the franchise, entrepreneurs enjoy the following:

a guarantee of independent operations,

a package of commercial contracts that increase business profitability,

ongoing marketing support, including access to the customer loyalty card programme,

a range of private label products recognised by consumers,

a package of business-related contracts that reduce operational costs,

access to modern technological solutions,

access to sales, analytical and IT systems that optimise the store management process, e.g. a POS system.

Private labels


Lewiatan branded products are synonymous with good and regularly verified quality, as well as an attractive price. The product range, covering more that 550 products, includes food, hygiene and industrial products most often sought after by customers. 

Private labels

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Learn more about the Lewiatan brand

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Learn more about the Lewiatan brand

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