Entrepreneurs running local grocery stores are our foundation

For nearly 30 years we have been supporting local stores and ensuring their competitiveness. We are actively working to develop independent trade. 

The mission of the Eurocash Group is…

to enable entrepreneurs to fulfil the needs of their customers and to develop their own business, in a manner aligned with the latest trends in retail. We provide them with innovative co-operation models and effective tools to facilitate running a retail outlet. These allow local stores to successfully compete with the largest supermarket and discount store chains. 

We grow together!

Eurocash Group Strategy for 2023-2025

The Eurocash Group is not only the leading Polish wholesale FMCG distributor, but also an organiser of respected franchise and partner chains, a technology partner, as well as the owner of the largest e-grocery market in Poland – Frisco.pl. To better support entrepreneurs that have been working with us for many years, we have focused on further developing the Group on the basis of three pillars.

Pillar I


We are building the largest B2B trading platform in Poland. To do this, we are integrating the wholesale businesses of the Eurocash Group: Eurocash Cash&Carry, Eurocash Dystrybucja and Eurocash Serwis. This gives our customers access to the widest range of FMCG products, fresh products and goods subject to excise tax. The new wholesale organisation is synonymous with access to tens of thousands of products at attractive prices under one eurocash.pl platform.

Entrepreneurs gain an omnichannel option to access our wholesale offer – through a web platform, a mobile application or a traditional visit to a brick-and-mortar warehouse. We add up all the purchases made, regardless of the method, which translates into, for example, bigger discounts and additional offers.

Pillar II


The Eurocash Group reinforces the competitiveness of independent trade through modern technologies. This allows each store to offer its customers digital solutions tailored to the nature of each outlet. 

Under the second pillar of the strategy, we continue to develop an innovative, integrated POS (Point of Sale) system for stores that work with the Eurocash Group. An important part of this pillar is the creation of a loyalty programme for consumers, to which we invite all chains associated with the Group. This allows clients of these stores to take advantage of attractive offers in all of our chains, as well as giving entrepreneurs working with us the possibility of reaching a wider group of consumers with their offer. We also bank on developing Frisco.pl – the leading e-grocery market in Poland.

Pillar III

Organiser of Franchise and Partner Chains

We invest in the development of brands associated with us to make them as attractive as possible to consumers, and therefore also to our existing and potential franchisees and partners. 

Our objective is to further expand franchise and partner chains, even by several hundred stores per year, and to simultaneously increase their competitiveness by reducing price differences in relation to discount stores.

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