Education in sustainable development

We support entrepreneurs in running a sustainable business. They are provided with the tools needed to facilitate actions aimed at not wasting food and equipped with the knowledge necessary for responsible store management.

Szanujemy, nie marnujemy

„Szanujemy, nie marnujemy” („We respect, not waste”) is a social and educational campaign supporting entrepreneurs in limiting food waste in stores. The campaign also targets consumers, who in turn receive advice on reducing food waste at home.

Szanujemy, nie marnujemy!
– 2022 edition


We organised a series of webinars for entrepreneurs covering how wasting food can be counteracted in practice. The webinars were developed in co-operation with experts – a lawyer, representatives of non-governmental organisations and the educational partner of the campaign – Akademia Umiejętności Eurocash.

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We prepared a series of podcasts and articles for entrepreneurs covering the legal aspects of preventing food waste.

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With consumers in mind, we created a series of videos and a guide with tips on reducing food waste in the kitchen and at home.

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E-handbook “In your responsible shop”

This publication is a practical guide for entrepreneurs running grocery stores. It includes real examples of activities undertaken by local stores working with the Eurocash Group. It summarises key issues in an accessible and clear way, and provides tips useful to any owner wishing to run their store in a more sustainable manner. 

The handbook was created with experts in the field of sustainable development, lawyers and business practitioners, and its educational patron is Akademia Umiejętności Eurocash.

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