Get to know our values

We rely on well-defined values in our work to develop modern local trade. They set the direction for our daily activities.


Entrepreneurship is in our company's DNA. We believe there is an entrepreneurial spirit in each and every one of us which, when used well, allows us to achieve what is impossible for others. We actively analyse our operating environment and identify development opportunities for our customers and our company. Our activities are innovative and conscious, with risks taken with the belief that they will allow us to become the leader.


Everyone in the Eurocash Group has precisely defined goals and is responsible for implementing them. We strive to surmount the challenges we face through the effective use of available resources. This way, we all contribute to the Group's development.

Focus on customers

We believe that only by meeting our customers' expectations can we develop and generate more profits. For the Eurocash Group, the priority is and always will be to meet the needs of our customers and implement solutions aimed at improving the competitiveness of their offer. This allows our customers to strengthen their market position and increase profitability.


In the Eurocash Group we act in line with high ethical standards towards employees, customers and suppliers. Everyone should act within the law, honestly and show respect to all business partners. We comply with all corporate governance rules applicable to listed companies, with information on the company's operations and results being fully available.


In an organisation as complex and dynamically growing as the Eurocash Group, results stem from effective co-operation and a common source of motivation. A dynamic approach, creativity and numerous synergy effects engendered by teamwork allow us to achieve results that bring satisfaction to the entire company, as well as each and every employee.

Profit sharing

When the Eurocash Group achieves its goals, individual employees also share in the profit. We are all evaluated on the tasks performed, which contribute to the entire team's success. Courage in decision-making, flexibility, focus on increasing efficiency and meeting ambitious challenges are particularly appreciated.


We believe that we make our own destiny, and that the challenges we face are an opportunity for development. Our philosophy is based on a “360 degrees” approach, according to which we are evaluated by our superior, co-workers, internal clients, as well as people in parallel positions.

Job satisfaction

The Eurocash Group cares about being an attractive employer. We achieve this by fairly rewarding for the results achieved. It is of great importance to us that our employees derive satisfaction and joy from overcoming the challenges they face. The work environment in the Eurocash Group is informal, it gives development opportunities and allows one to gain experience in an exciting, passionate and energetic environment.