We are the largest Polish company providing wholesale distribution of FMCG products and support to entrepreneurs and independent retail trade throughout the country. We have been operating on the Polish market since 1995. By combining our business acumen with the entrepreneurial spirit of local shop owners, we have become a leader in the distribution of FMCG goods in Poland.

Our main indicators in 2022

1000 mn

EBITDA (IFRS16) ratio


debt ratio / EBITDA (IAS17)

15 504

number of  stores

Fact Sheet

We cater to customers all over Poland.

- over PLN 30 billion in revenue in 2022

- 177 Cash & Carry wholesale locations in Poland

- 18 distribution centres

- 27 reloading warehouses

- more than 15 thousand franchise and partner stores

Stock quotes (data)

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