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Local retail outlets are an important sales channel for brand-name products. See what you can gain by banking on local stores!

The share of expenditure on brand-name products in local chain stores can reach as high as 95%*, which makes them an important sales channel for such articles.

Source: GfK Shopping Monitor 2022 *i.e. not private label, data for 2021

Do you know the potential of local stores?

85% of households are within reach of Eurocash customers' stores.

(Own calculations of the Eurocash Group)

Local stores maintain a significant share in retail trade in Poland, achieving a 35% share in FMCG distribution.

(Value share of stores up to 400 square metres in the FMCG market – based on: NielsenIQ, Establishment Survey 2021, Europe)

Consumers value local stores for the following reasons: proximity (60%), no queues or shorter queues (38%), attractive prices (35%), quality and freshness of products (35%), wide selection of goods (29%), good relations with the owner/employees (28%), as well as attractive promotions (19%) and the possibility of ordering products on request (15%).

(PMR survey in April 2022, n=1000, possibility to indicate top3)

Working with the Eurocash Group – it pays off!

The Eurocash Group is Poland's largest wholesale distributor of FMCG products.

We are the largest and the most advanced logistics network (over 20 000 SKUs delivered to almost 90 000 points in Poland).

The Eurocash Group consists of both almost 180 Cash&Carry wholesale outlets throughout Poland and the leading B2B e-commerce platform – (which reaches 30 000 entrepreneurs and fulfils orders worth PLN 8 billion annually).

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How does one start working with us? Prepare a preliminary co-operation offer. It should include the following:

product category, product catalogue, price list,

contact details,

link to the website or short informational note about the company,

information whether the co-operation would concern wholesale or retail.

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Non-trade Purchasing Department

We are also dynamically developing our partner portfolio in non-trade categories. With this in mind, we set up the e-mail address:

Contact us, if you want to work with one of the largest companies in Poland within the scope of non-trade products. Complete the Business Partner Form, present your products and company – our team will examine all applications in detail.