ESG declaration

A sustainable and socially responsible approach to our business activities affects the environment – economic, social and natural – in many respects.

We care about
our environment

We run a responsible business and encourage our partners to do the same. The Eurocash Group is expanding in accordance with sustainable development principles, considering social needs and environmental issues.

Environmental responsibility

Social responsibility

Responsible management

Decarbonisation strategy

The Eurocash Group was one of the first companies in Poland to join the Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative in 2022. The SBTi is a prestigious global organisation allowing companies to set ambitious targets for greenhouse gas emission reduction in accordance with the latest achievements in climate science. 

Pursuant to the requirements of the SBTi initiative, which are based on the Paris Agreement objectives, the Eurocash Group has developed a decarbonisation strategy, under which it undertakes to do the following:

reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 42% by 2030,

cover at least 80% of energy demand from renewable energy sources,

undertake activities aimed at a complete exit from coal and gas in new facilities and pertaining to a centralised logistics infrastructure,

oblige 75% of our largest suppliers to also set CO2 reduction targets.

Social responsibility

In 2019, we adopted the Eurocash Group's Sustainable Development Strategy 2020+, dedicated to our key stakeholders: employees, entrepreneurs and consumers who buy from our customers' stores. Get to know the 4 pillars of the Eurocash Group's Sustainable Development Strategy 2020+

Entrepreneurship building

Our ambition is to build responsible entrepreneurship, which ensures sustainable development within the scope of society, as well as the entire country's economy.

Quality without compromise for everyone

We want to deliver safe, high-quality food to every store and to the greatest possible group of consumers throughout Poland.

Use less, don't waste

Our objective is to reduce food waste and CO2 emissions.

Employee safety and commitment

Our priority is to ensure everyone can enjoy the best working conditions possible.


The Eurocash Group has an extensive network of stakeholders for whom we feel responsible, not only from a business perspective. We are aware of our scale of operations and impact on the environment. As one of the largest employers in Poland, we attach great importance to corporate governance.

ESG is included in the Eurocash Group Strategy for 2023-2025 aimed at developing our activities in this respect even more effectively, and improving internal ESG structures.

We support a diverse and inclusive work environment. The development of employees' skills is our priority, which we fulfil by offering them a wide range of training options and a clear career path. To allow us to best respond to their needs, we conduct an annual Employee Survey across the entire company.

Our operations are conducted according with the law, market standards, internal regulations and ethical principles. We are fully transparent to stakeholders and, as a public entity, also to the market. 

Out of concern for the comfort and safety of our employees and business partners, we have created an anonymous Trust Line.