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We organise well-known franchise and partnership system brands. Working with the names established under the Eurocash group gives entrepreneurs access not only to well-proven logistics and processes, but also to a strong brand and consumer trust.

Our scale – your advantage

More than 55 000 grocery stores co-operate with us, of which 16 000 are outlets under franchise and partner chains working with the Group.

The loyalty programmes of the chains associated with us have almost 6 million participants.

Franchises and partner systems working with Eurocash account for 14.5% of the market!

(Grocery retail sales in Poland 2022. Own calculations of the Eurocash Group)

Benefits of working with the Eurocash Group under a franchise and partnership

We build strong brands

We bring together well-known brands that consumers like. Each of them has unique distinguishing features and benefits for the consumer. Would you like to know more about our brands? Look here!

We ensure logistical support

The Eurocash Group is a leader in the wholesale distribution of FMCG products. By working with us, you gain access to almost 180 wholesale outlets throughout the country, as well as to the modern B2B platform (also available via a mobile app). Stocking up has never been so easy!

We provide tools

In addition to offering a modern, multi-channel wholesale outlet (with its offer available via, a mobile app and in Cash&Carry wholesale outlets), we are also building an innovative POS system for local retail stores. Do you want to save even more time when running a store and focus on development and building exceptional customer relations? Explore our tools.

We transfer knowledge

Up-to-date industry knowledge is the basis for success. With that in mind, we have established Akademia Umiejętności Eurocash (Eurocash Skills Academy), which for many years now has been educating not only store owners, but also their employees. The Academy offers a comprehensive online training platform, has a team of qualified coaches who conduct on-site workshops, and also offers postgraduate studies organised in co-operation with the Warsaw School of Economics. You can find out more about Akademia Umiejętności Eurocash here.

We provide ongoing marketing support

We are tirelessly working to allow independent entrepreneurs to stay competitive against centrally managed chains. Regardless of the chosen co-operation model, entrepreneurs receive comprehensive marketing support from Eurocash, ranging from attractive promotional tools to long-term loyalty programmes.

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