Euro Sklep

A popular chain in the south of Poland already counting nearly 500 stores, mainly in this part of the country. Its over 25 years of operation in the region translates into a high level of customer trust and allows franchisees to run stores under a strong and recognisable brand.

Distinguishing features of Euro Sklep

Offer tailored to local clients.

Consumer campaigns targeted at the local community of a particular store.

Fresh products section with deliveries to stores as often as 6 times a week.

As part of the franchise, entrepreneurs enjoy the following:

a personalised approach and comprehensive support in running a business,

modern systems for organising and managing the facility, for example a POS system,

support from a professional and specialised team of customer advisers and area managers,

training for store owners and employees,

strong distribution base of the Eurocash Group.

Private labels

Euro Sklep

A private label with the Euro Sklep chain's logo guarantees high quality at an advantageous price. The products were created for consumers who take into account such elements as simple ingredients, low price and visually attractive product packaging in their everyday purchasing decisions. The brand's offer includes: rice, pasta, sweets and snacks, jams, honey, juices, pet food and canned vegetables.

Private labels

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