Duży Ben

An innovative concept of an alcohol market with convenience store elements, Duży Ben responds to a niche in the retail store segment. The chain offers an attractive alcohol sales format, as well as products complementing the offer of alcoholic beverages (including snacks and drink accessories) according to the one-stop-shop principle (everything in one place).

Distinguishing features of Duży Ben


Professional advice guaranteed.

Wide range of chilled alcoholic drinks from many categories at various price levels.

Late night shopping available.

As part of co-operation based on a franchise or agency agreement, entrepreneurs receive the following:

the ability to run a modern business in a market-proven formula with limited investment risk,

a ready, fully equipped store without the need to purchase products and furnishings,

access to knowledge pertaining to managing a Duży Ben store,

specialised training for the agent and staff,

the possibility of testing innovative solutions in the store,

countrywide advertising and image support.

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