Drogerie Koliber

A partnership chain offering a wide range of chemical and cosmetic products at competitive prices. Drogerie Koliber are constantly growing their offer in response to trends and needs indicated by customers.

Distinguishing features of Drogerie Koliber

A wide selection of products, not only from leading brands, but also from smaller, niche ones, all tailored to the needs of clients.

A blog full of useful advice from consultants happy to advise consumers in the selection of cosmetics.

Attractive promotions in newsletters and posters, as well as campaigns for consumers.

As part of the franchise, entrepreneurs enjoy the following:

attractive trading terms and conditions,

perfectly curated selection of products from leading manufacturers and access to new products,

attractive consumer campaigns and a loyalty programme,

own brands supplementing the product range,

marketing support and ongoing access to standards and good practices.

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