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Eurocash Group stands for shared values andtrust

Westrive for the highest standards not only in terms of the quality of ourservices but also in fostering a strong organizational culture based onhonesty, transparency, and trust. In order to ensure the comfort and safety ofour employees and business partners, we are developing a system for reportingirregularities and violations that may compromise the values we represent.

The anonymous Trust Line (whistleblowing)established by us is a tool that anyone collaborating with Eurocash Group canuse if they observe situations that are illegal, violate procedures, or goagainst ethical norms.

The irregularities reported through the TrustLine may include, among others:

orders and bidding

theft and fraud

corruption and conflict of interest

product safety and transportation

environmental protection, safety, andoccupational health

competition and consumer protection

trade secrets and confidential information

labor rights

moneylaundering and terrorism financing

other legal violations and internal procedures,including ethical standards

retaliatory actions taken against thewhistleblower

Reports can be submitted through the followingchannels:


Via email to the address provided


Through a dedicated phone number

664 106 106

And also through an anonymous reporting form.

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Inorder to ensure the highest level of objectivity and the safety ofwhistleblowers, the handling of the reporting system has been entrusted to theindependent Risk Management and Sustainable Development Department of EurocashGroup. This department guarantees absolute confidentiality of data and theanonymity of whistleblowers, and it safeguards them against any potentialreprisals.

Anypersonal data disclosed during the process of handling reports is processed inaccordance with the regulations and principles regarding the protection ofpersonal data, as specified in the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the EuropeanParliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of naturalpersons with regard to the processing of personal data.